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We are promoting the new breed of connoisseur.
Life is precious.

So, let's celebrate it with really good drinks. Be it in a cult bar, in a club or at home, it really doesn't matter with our innovative Limestone mixers. Enjoy as an aperitif, long drink, cocktail, mocktail or simply pure. Let's celebrate life!

Mix it or
drink it pure.



Organic Mixers

Countless great drinks!

Our mixers not only taste fantastic, they also tell you our story.

Following our vision of a revolutionary, sustainable beverage line, we set out to develop high-quality organic mixers for the sophisticated culinary culture. Inspired by our South Tyrolean homeland, the Italian way of life, the Dolomites and the limestone found there, which incidentally gives our product line its name. For drinks that make their mark. For celebrations, moments of pure enjoyment or simply the best nightcap in the world.

Winner Best in Glass Award

Enjoy Limestone

Mix it or drink it pure. Do you want to enjoy really good drinks at home?

Then stock up on Limestone and make sure there are enough ice cubes in the freezer! Click here for the best Limestone recipes to try out at home - with and without alcohol!



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