3 Partners, 1 Vision

New, natural and sustainable

South Tyrol has so many strengths.

Fantastic food and raw materials, culinary expertise, this unique alpine-Mediterranean lifestyle and above all a creative gourmet scene.

So, it’s about time we saw premium mixers emerge from this wonderful area! It's time for a beverage line which not only reflects our origins and our values, but in addition distinguishes itself through innovation as well as its distinctive taste and high-quality regional ingredients.

New, natural and sustainable

The sustainable lifestyle we live today is essential for tomorrow.

Our philosophy is based on it: Less waste, more taste. We managed to realise our vision of first-class organic mixers, free from conventional additives and artificial flavours, but instead using quality ingredients from our homeland South Tyrol.



“My favourite in terms of taste and tanginess is without a doubt our Limestone Ginger Beer. We spent a lot of time on the development to identify the optimal balance between the level of sharpness and sweetness. The perfect player for a Classic Mule.”



“Less waste, more taste. With Limestone, we want to set an example for conscious connoisseurs. The quality of the ingredients, the traceability and the design are the decisive enjoyment factors of today.”



“Our Limestone mixers are in a class of their own. It was clear from the start that we wanted to focus on organic quality. The result is absolutely unique - also because our added value is exclusively in South Tyrol: Here we develop, produce, bottle and pack.”